The Sword

The Sword

On the first day of summer, Nick McGarvey, DJ of Friday nights show The Beef Vortex made the quick jaunt to Spokane to meet, interview and hang out with Austin metal heads The Sword. Prior to the removal of faces, this is how the conversation played out:

McG: So you guys drove in from Colorado Springs?

Kyle: That was a super long haul. Like 19 hours?

Bryan: It was pretty brutal, yeah.

McG: So, looking at some of the dates that youre playing on this little tour Is this sorta like an off date thing? Youre doing It seems like the places you wouldnt normally play, like Seattle or something.

J.D.: Its on the way to Canada, which is where we are bound. So yeah, we thought itd be a good opportunity.

McG: I agree. Alright, so, I have this question burning inside me. The Black River . . . Does it flow into the White Sea?

Kyle: Of course!

McG: Okay. I just had to know!

Kyle: Werent you listening? [laughs]

McG: Is it in the lyrics? Did I miss it that bad? I couldve read along man. So, I really want to know: In the world of awesome band names, you guys kind of reign supreme on that one. Was there a brilliant moment of inspiration where you knew you wanted to be named after something you kill people with?

J.D.: I guess. Yeah. Just The Sword. I dont know. It just always seemed like it was right there. Pretty obvious. There was a band called Sword so we cant claim total originality on that, but we are The Sword.

McG: Its one of those duh moments, like when Death came up with Death. Its like 8,000 other death metal bands went, God! Why didnt ARGH!

Everyone: [laughs]

McG: I think you guys got that. I want to ask you about the Austin scene. Its kind of famous for live music. Do you think that that has maybe helped you in your success being from a place that was really live music friendly?

Bryan: Sure. People wanted to go out. You know its more of a town where everyone kind of goes out and sees bands. Thats just one of those things that you do. So, its a Monday through Sunday thing it could be any day of the week. So I think that kind of helped out a lot. But you know, being kick ass didnt hurt.

McG: [Laughs] I actually learned about you guys from my friend that moved to Austin. You had an EP that came out before Age of Winters?

Bryan: Yeah, it was an EP.

Kyle: Just some demos and songs that we had recorded and compiled.

McG: And so in those days you were doing your own recording, correct?

Bryan: Uh-huh.

McG: So was that sort of a financial decision or were you just hobby recording? Like bored in your bedroom, I have some time and recording equipment?

Bryan: Yeah. Both things. I had all the recording equipment and it definitely was a lot cheaper than going in somewhere and doing something. That way you have total control and no deadlines.

Kevin: Where you could take only so much time-

Bryan: Yeah. We spend about three months working on Age of Winters off and on. Couple days here. Couple hours there. We didnt have to book a month of studio time somewhere and pay out the ass for it.

McG: Well, at that point, I mean, Im just taking a guess that you guys are probably living off The Sword mostly at this point but at that whether thats true or not, obviously it wasnt true in the beginning.

Bryan: Right.

McG: So thats another thing, like, youve only got so much time to spend on it and so much money because youve got to be the working schlub that everybody else is.

Bryan: Yeah. Luckily I had a pretty rad job working at a sandwich place where I only had to be there about like four or five hours a day and so, you know, I was home by three while everyone else was ready to rock and roll so. . .

McG: So something Ive been a musician for quite a while myself and I know that bands that are trying to start out a challenge that they face is having a place to rehearse so they arent getting harassed by the cops. What is your guys situation like? Do you guys have a studio at somebodys house? Do you have to rent a space?

Bryan: No, we rent a space.

J.D.: No, yeah, its a little different. I grew up in Virginia and that sort of thing is more of a problem in other places but Austin is a music town so anywhere you practive – I mean the places that you practice are rehearsal spaces or storage spaces where a bunch of bands rehearse. Its something thats expected and everyone knows what goes on there and peoples garages and stuff like that. Im sure that that probably goes on too but most people I know have some kind of semi-legit space at least.

Bryan: Yeah, a place to go to where they keep all their gear. Where they jam.

Kyle: Places are pretty plentiful especially when you share with another band or two.

Bryan: Theres a pretty high demand for that kind of thing in Austin because they are so many bands.

J.D.: Its really hard to track down a place to rehearse.

McG: Yeah, for sure. Well, maybe thats another reason Austins a good place to start a band.

Everyone: [laughs]

McG: Alright. Theres a blog out there called Metal Cakes Have you guys heard of it?

Kevin: No.

Bryan: Metal Cakes?

McG: You were a feature on Metal Cakes.

Bryan: Oh, really?

McG: So this girl from Chicago is a baker that specializes in cupcakes and makes them for metal bands. So, she puts out a recipe of with all these metal instructions and talks about the band. So she did Cupcakes for the Aurochs.

Bryan: Oh wow. Holy shit. Thats awesome.

McG: So yeah, look it up. You guys might get a kick out of that.

Kevin: Its better than Lament for the Cupcake

Everyone: [laughs]

Kevin: Its like, you want a cupcake so bad

McG: That was the bad recipe. So, on the note of that song, I was playing along with it on guitar last night and I hear this chiming coming out of window it was nice out for the first time in Moscow last night so I had my windows open and I heard these bell chimes which is really strange because there arent any around in town and I stopped playing and there was pipe organ music coming from somewhere in my neighborhood do you think it was a sign?

Everyone: [laughs]

McG: How do you feel about pipe organs strangely eminating while Im trying to rock out to The Sword?

Kevin: Um, I dont man. How do you feel about it? I mean, I wasnt there so I cant

McG: [laughs] I thought I was having a flashback. I was okay with it. It seemed like today had to be a good day. It was the first day of summer. The first day of great weather and lots of metal to be had. It was a sign from above or perhaps below?

J.D.: Was it in the same key? I mean, yknow, could you jam along with it?

McG: I wasnt going to [laughs]

J.D.: Then I would definitely say that it was an otherworldly occurrence.

McG: Maybe I was playing it loud enough that the guy down the street to get pissed off and tried to drown me out with his pipe organ.

J.D.: Or he was just looking for a buddy.

McG: Maybe, man. Maybe I anger him with my rock and roll. He was trying to tell me to pipe down. Uhm, is there a current you guys, I would say, have some fairly obvious influences is there a current not like a Black Sabbath but like a band thats going right now that youve found to be inspirational, something you really like? Something maybe we should probably know about that we may not know about?

Kyle: Mount Caramel?

Bryan: Mount Caramel. Graveyard.

Kyle: Yeah, Graveyard is killing it right now.

McG: They just had a new one come out didnt they?

Bryan: Yeah. Its amazing.

McG: I need to check it out.

Bryan: Yeah you do.

McG: Im slowly learning that I need to listen to this new Graveyard record.

Bryan: Its worth it. Its worth the hype.

McG: I have their first one too and really like it.

Bryan: That one is good too, but this one kind of smokes it.

McG: Really? Note taken. Alright. Anybody else. Mount Caramel? Whats up with them?

Bryan: Columbus, Ohio, right?

Kyle: Mmhmm.

Bryan: Yeah, just some kids playing some blues. Its good. Were about to do some more dates in July.

McG: Oh, so youve played with them?

Bryan: Yes, they opened up the tour we did with Karma To Burn. When was that?

Kyle: December?

McG: Very nice. I will check them out. As well as everyone now on 89.3. I would like to somehow weasel some kind of ridiculous road story out of you guys Give me something that is just screaming rock and roll, something full of debauchery.

Kyle: Some guy brought us a skull. Its a Skullpture. Its a giant skull with these horns that he put on it and these two rattlesnakes that are kind of weaving in and out of its mouth and coming out of its eyes and attacking each other. Ones got sword a stuck through it and its got this Mohawk made of elk hair.

Bryan: And it has The Sword logo on it.

Kyle: Yeah. We got it today.

McG: What? He like, met you and gave you this . . . can I see it later?

Bryan: Yeah, I mean, thats a pretty rock and roll story. Uhm. I cant really think of anything well, one time I got Mary-Kate Olsens telephone number.

McG: Seriously?

Bryan: Uh-huh.

McG: Okay. Thats what Im looking for. And like broken instruments or drunken falling off things. Has anything been set on fire?

Bryan: Uhm

Kyle: We could set Kevin on fire. [laughs]

Kevin: Its in the works.

McG: Oh, I guess, I didnt see that this was really beat into the ground so maybe well talk about the new drummer thing. I think the departure of your original drummer is probably well covered. Are you were you friends with the band? Did you have to go through the horrifying audition process?

Kevin: I auditioned. It wasnt horrifying.

Bryan, Kyle & J.D.: [laughs]

Kevin: It was a little nerve-racking. I auditioned. I knew Kyle a little bit because he was in a band, Sea Of A Thousand with some friends of mine that I was in a band with so I knew him on an acquaintance level. Talked to Bryan and he was Bryan is a super nice guy. Hes very welcoming to everyone. It was really easy to get along with these guys. But yeah. I auditioned a couple of times.

McG: You didnt have to do the whole hire out process. More of a bring in a friend sort of thing?

Bryan: Yeah, I mean it was important to us first and foremost to get someone that our friends knew, that we could be like,Hey man, whats this guy like?

J.D.: Especially when we had to do it fast so we didnt have time to it would have been like getting a complete stranger. Who knows? Thats a total unknown. I mean they could end up to be anything on tour once you get them on tour but if its a dude from around the way, that hes friends with your friends that can vouch for him and be like, Hes cool, that helps a lot. I mean, not that his drumming didnt help but you know? It helps make the whole thing a much better situation.

McG: For sure. ClutchMetallicaNebula. Lots of big medium to big name bands as big as bands can be these days, like Clutch. Is there a band that stood out as maybe your favorite to tour with?

Kyle: All of the above, man.

Bryan: You know, Metallica is one thing thats not like any kind of normal tour. Thats kind of an experience but Clutch is awesome to tour with. Who else? Who was fun to open for?

Kyle: Uhm. On the Metallica tour we got to open for a lot of other bands too like Down. That was a lot of fun hanging out with those guys.

Bryan: Lamb of God is fun to hang out with and tour with.

J.D.: Machine Head.

Kyle: Fear Factory. Yeah! And they were killing it when we were out with them.

McG: Fear Factory? When did you guys play with them?

Kyle: September? Yeah, in Australia. And New Zealand and Japan we played with Metallica. It was awesome.

McG: Oh, yeah, the whole Pacific thing.

Kyle: Before all the disaster.

Bryan: Yeah.

Kyle: Geeze.

McG: It was because of the rock. You rocked so much that you destroyed Japan, literally.

Bryan: Yeah. We dropped the hammer down on it. [In all seriousness] it was a few months later.

McG: Really took a stab at taking down Japan?

Bryan: Ohhhhh..womp womp womp!

McG: How many times have you got that one?

Bryan: Uh, thats a good one but yeah you know.

McG: I decided to avoid the cutting edge one.

Bryan: Thats pretty good.

McG: Well, thanks for your time. I cant wait to have my face removed later.

Bryan: Yeah, were going to work on that!

Thank you to The Sword for taking their time to sit down and answer some questions with us. Also thank you very much to Kemado Records and Bram from The Syndicate for getting it all set up.

Check Out The Sword On Facebook & Kemado Records

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