In Cue: 2005- Music, Media, and Creative Minds

We had quite a bit to say with our 60th Anniversary edition! A lot had changed since 1945, but we were only getting bigger and better. This is the last publication we have around, next to our current and recent In Cues! As always: check it out, and tune in to 89.3. Fall 2005

In Cue: 2003- Long Live Free-Form!

The only In Cue we could find from ’03, check out this Fall issue to learn all about the “Immaculate Correction”, “The Next Harmonic Progression of Music”, and everything else stemming from “400 watts of sub-culture”! Fall 2003

In Cue: 2002- Radio’s Last Beacon of Hope in A World of Robots

Still kickin’, even with a loss of the newly acquired internet streaming set up due to limited means of meeting the recent changes to royalty laws, etc. etc. Around 56 DJs and killer programs, such as ‘Everyday Japan!’, kept us going in full force. Read all about good ole ’02 below. Spring 2002 Fall 2002

In Cue: 2001- Innovating The FM Way

How could 2001 KUOI get even better, you ask? For one, by embracing the new age of computers and going digital! An expansion of our listener base by providing the opportunity to tune in from anywhere, online. Sounds rad to me. Check more of us out below, or if these are a little outdated for […]

In Cue: 2000- “Screw The Millennium!”

The new millennium sure didn’t stop our flow in any way — we kept on kickin’ day in and day out. As a matter of fact, this year was a big one for us, including an extensive remodel of equipment and layout and a new station mascot (who apparently didn’t stick around long). Check out […]

In Cue: 1998- Weird and Loving It

As ’98 music director, Matt Cunningham, stated: “If you care about music, you’ll keep listening when things get weird.” Our DJ’s were killin’ it in the area of bringing new sounds to light, and had a passion for it. The late 90’s opened a lot of doors for diversity, perfect for a radio station like […]

In Cue: 1997- “Audial Candy Suppository”

1997 was a year of music for anyone and everyone. Described in words such as unexpected, delicious, stimulating, and usually interesting, KUOI had every genre, every day from punk to reggae. My favorite program description from this year’s publication was a 2-5am show slot. “Bang, stink, oink, skullpop and vomiting watermelons. Ethereal wanderings screeching through […]

In Cue: 1996- Where Diversity Reigns

1996 had its fair share of oddities, especially music-wise, but KUOI stayed true to its alternative lifestyle. As said in the Spring publication below: “KUOI is an island in the commercial world of brand and bland music offering a relatively inexhaustible supply of new flavors to the warm palette of the open minded student.” We […]