Program Guide: 1991- Do It Yourself, Step By Step!

How to make a KUOI Program Guide (as told in 1991, to serve as many who dare to get involved):
1 pot of glue, Some paper, A bunch of the staff’s baby pictures, 1 pile of letters, 10 gallons of honey, 2 c grasshoppers, 1 group of borderline neurotics (or KUOI staff), 1 big needle, 1 spool of blue thread, 1 big pressure cooker.

1. First put the paper down then glue on all of the baby pictures.
2. Use the letters to make up stories and glue them to the paper.
3. Pour the honey on the floor.
4. Undo the twist-tie and let the grasshoppers out of the bag.
5. Let the staff play in the mess.
6. Get the big needle.
7. Put the blue thread in the needle and sew it all together.
8. Put everything into the big pressure cooker and simmer for three weeks.

Spring 1991

Fall 1991

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